Split Brick Flooring Options Available

The split brick flooring is fundamentally prepared from bricks and brick floor tile that have been split or cut into skinny portions to form tiles.

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The split brick flooring can be used inside or outside of the house and is commonly used in bathrooms, kitchens, wine cellars and recreation rooms. This type of flooring is also used for profit in bars and restaurants.

If you are looking for durable kitchen, bathroom and laundry rooms flooring, then you have to consider split brick flooring as your top most selection. This flooring is available in fine patterns and light, neutral colors; it makes a great choice for modern lavatory and kitchen flooring and design. The split brick flooring is a perfect choice because it gives stiffness, low porosity and has eye catching and attractive features. The floor is tremendously strong and heavy-duty and it comes with oil resistant properties.

If you are considering this type of flooring for your kitchen, lavatory etc. you can expect brick floors to resist freezing and thawing circumstances. In short, split brick flooring can survive in any sort of atmospheric condition. The brick veneer flooring is greatly robust and brick veneer flooring can be preserved easily. The split brick flooring has been in exercise for more than thousands years now.

This would be a revelation that this type of floor is incredibly attractive and soft. In reality it is softer than igneous rocks for instance granite. However, certain kinds of hard and solid brick flooring also exist. This feature makes it the best option for the bathroom, kitchen and laundry rooms flooring. The split brick flooring features non-slip surface and brick flooring can also be easily tainted. The compressive strength of split brick flooring is 30,000 lbs.

You can find split brick flooring kitchen and bathroom floor tiles in a diverse range of colors. If you are looking for pure limestone, you can go for white or off-white colors. You can also get various types of finishes under the grouping of split brick flooring due to its’ varying shadow and surface appearance. The bricks vary in character. Approximately all sorts of split brick floor tiles are brushed polished and water worm.

Despite the fact that the rationale of having a split brick floor is to present a battered look, too much upsurge of dirt and grime can make this flooring and its look dirty, so it is essential to know that how best to clean the floor. There are few steps you can follow for cleaning the flooring and also to maintain the fresh look of split brick flooring. Firstly sweep up the floor and vacuum if required to get rid of all dirt and rubbles.

Then scrub the floor with soap and water or clean the flooring with a commercial cleaner which is harmless for accepted split brick flooring, using an inflexible bristled brush. Wipe up as much dampness as you can with a clean rag or paper towels from the floor. And then suck up any remaining dirt and water by using a wet vacuum. This will give a perfect new and fresh look to the floor.


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